Guidance Statements

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Guidance Statements provide guidance to auditors and assurance practitioners on the application of AUASB Standards and assist auditors and assurance providers to comply with Standards. Guidance Statements are intended to assist auditors and assurance practitioners in applying an existing standard(s) of general application to particular circumstances or specialised industries/sectors.

Accordingly, Guidance Statements refer to, and are written in the context of:

a) specified AUASB Standards;
b) and where relevant, legislation, regulation or other authoritative publication.

Guidance Statements, whilst formally approved and issued by the AUASB, do not establish new principles or amend existing standards. Guidance Statements therefore do not include any additional requirements or extend or vary the existing requirements of any AUASB Standards and are not legally enforceable.

Previous versions of Guidance Statements are listed in the Archive section of this website.

No. Title Notes Issue Date Operative Date
GS 001 Concise Financial Reports
Under the Corporations Act 2001 
  May 2017  
GS 002 Audit Implications of Prudential Reporting Requirements for Registered Superannuation Entities   Jan 2014 Jan 2014
GS 003 Assurance Relating to Australian Financial Services Licences issued under the Corporations Act 2001   Sep 2015 Sep 2015
GS 004 Audit Implications of Prudential Reporting Requirements for General Insurers and Insurance Groups Extra May 2013 May 2013 
GS 005 Evaluating the Appropriateness of a Managements's Expert's Work   Mar 2020 3 Mar 2020
GS 006 Electronic Publication of the Auditor's Report    Mar 2010 Jan 2010  
GS 007 Audit Implications of the Use of Service Organisations for Investment Management Services

Comparative Table

ASA 402 and ASAE 3402 Requirements

Oct 2011 Jan 2012
GS 008 The Auditor's Report on a Remuneration Report Under Section 300A of the Corporations Act 2001    Mar 2010 Jan 2010  
GS 009 Auditing Self-Managed Superannuation Funds   Jun 2020 Jun 2020
GS 010

Responding to Questions at an Annual General Meeting

  Sep 2021 Sep 2021 
GS 011 Third Party Access to Audit Working Papers   Apr 2009 Apr 2009 
GS 012 Prudential Reporting Requirements for Auditors of Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs) and ADI Groups.   Sep 2020 Sep 2020
GS 013 Special Considerations in the Audit of Compliance Plans of Managed Investment Schemes    Aug 2009  Aug 2009  
GS 014 Auditing Mortgage Schemes    Aug 2009   Aug 2009   
GS 015 Audit Implications of Accounting for Investments in Associates   Nov 2009  Nov 2009  
GS 016*

Bank Confirmation Requests

  Jun 2010 Sep 2010
  Bank Confirmation Audit Request Forms
Treasury and Other Operations
GS 017 Audit Implications for Prudential Reporting Requirements of a Life Company   Dec 2014 Dec 2014
GS 018 Franchising Code of Conduct – Auditor's Reports    Jun 2015 Jun 2015
GS 019 Auditing Fundraising Revenue of Not-for-Profit Entities    Apr 2011   Apr 2011   
GS 020 Special Considerations in Auditing Financial Instruments   Mar 2012 Mar 2012
GS 021 Engagements under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme, Carbon Pricing Mechanism and Related Schemes   Nov 2012 Nov 2012
GS 022 Grant Acquittals and Multi-Scope Engagements   Jun 2015 Jun 2015

*Operative for audit engagements with financial reporting periods ending on or after 30 September 2010.

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