Public attending meetings

Meetings of the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AUASB), or parts of meetings that consider the contents of auditing standards, must be held in public.
The following procedures will apply in respect of attendance of the public at AUASB meetings:


AUASB meetings are held in Melbourne and Sydney (details available on enquiry) . The availability of space for the public gallery is limited.


Because of the limitation of capacity, those wishing to attend meetings are requested to notify the AUASB in advance. This can be done by sending a fax or email stating:

Please send the above to:
email: [email protected]

Selection process:

The limitation of capacity means that:

On arrival:

Members of the public gallery will be asked to sign in on arrival at the meeting.


The meeting agenda and anticipated running order will be posted to the website approximately one week before each meeting. Changes to the agenda will be posted as they become known. The order of agenda items may be changed during a meeting. The AUASB does not accept any responsibility for losses or inconvenience caused by changes to the timing or difficulties in accommodating members of the public.


The AUASB reserves the right to discuss items in private. These will normally be administrative or personnel matters. All discussion of the contents of standards will be in public.

Availability of Board documents:

Agenda papers will not be provided to members of the public gallery. In some cases, summaries of issues may be posted on the website or made available at the meeting.


Members of the public gallery must observe only and are asked not to operate mobile telephones or recording equipment in the meeting room, or to talk with others in the gallery.


Coffee and tea facilities are available. Members of the public gallery must make their own luncheon and car parking arrangements.


The AUASB does not have telephone, fax, or copying facilities available for members of the public gallery.

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