Share your views on the IAASB’s upcoming Work Plan

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The IAASB is consulting on its Work Plan for 2022–2023 through an online survey.

The survey is designed to help the IAASB develop its Work Plan for 2022–2023 through understanding what is important to its stakeholders. On the basis that work will commence on one or two new topics in 2023, the IAASB is seeking stakeholder views about what topic(s) should be considered for future standard-setting activities.  Feedback to this consultation will assist the IAASB in evaluating its priorities and allocating its resources in the best way possible.

To influence the future direction of the IAASB work plan, the AUASB strongly encourages all Australian stakeholders to either respond directly to this online survey or alternatively, feed your responses through the AUASB, who will then consider stakeholder views when developing the AUASB survey response. 

The AUASB will be discussing the work plan survey at its upcoming June 2021 AUASB meeting so any feedback on the IAASB’s Work Plan is requested by Monday 31 May.

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