Recent Update to AUASB Digital Standards Portal

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The AUASB has recently updated the Digital Standards Portal (“the portal”) to reflect the suite of AUASB Standards effective for the financial year ending 30 June 2023. The AUASB has also uploaded a series of AUASB Standards that have been revised as a result of amendments arising from Quality Management Standards on the portal. As these standards are operative for financial reporting periods commencing on or after 15 December 2022, they are shown under “Future Periods” tab on the portal. Click here to access them.

To enable users to effectively find a standard that is applicable for a particular reporting period, a useful tab named “By Reporting Period” allows users to filter the standards using a reporting date filter. Click here to try it now. Remember to click on the “By Reporting Period” tab and select the reporting period applicable to you using the reporting date filter and click “Apply”.  Refer to screenshot below which provide visual details of this feature.

To provide general feedback or suggestions on the portal click here. Alternatively, you can provide feedback via email to [email protected].

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