AUASB Consultation Paper on Assurance over Climate and Other Sustainability Information

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The AUASB has released a Consultation Paper* on Assurance over Climate and Other Sustainability Information. The Consultation Paper seeks high-level information and feedback to assist the AUASB in:

Refer to this short video, which provides high-level information about the AUASB’s Consultation Paper.

The AUASB invites stakeholders to comment on all or some of the questions in the AUASB Consultation Paper by 3 May 2024 via the AUASB website.

The AUASB also invites stakeholders to provide feedback by attending one of our Roundtable discussions. See here for more information and to register.

* Updated on 4 April 2024 following the announcement on 27 March 2024 of a revised proposed first year for mandatory climate reporting by Group 1 entities. Reporting requirements will start from years commencing 1 January 2025 (previously years commencing 1 July 2024). A marked-up version with the minor amendments is available here.

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