Research Centre

The AUASB Research Centre is part of the AUASB Evidence-Informed Standard Setting Strategy to inform and support the AUASB in its standard-setting decision making and to facilitate thought leadership on auditing and assurance issues. This is outlined in detail in the AUASB Evidence-Informed Standard-Setting (EISS) Strategy. This research centre is supported by the AUASB, AUASB staff and AUASB scholars. 

AUASB Academic Scholars

Prof. Elizabeth Carson and Dr. Amanda White are our current academic scholars:

Prof. Elizabeth Carson, UNSW Sydney. 

Professor Carson’s research expertise includes global and national audit markets, industry specialisation by auditors and audit reporting.  


Dr. Amanda White, Senior Lecturer at University of Technology Sydney.

Dr. White’s research expertise includes audit judgement and decision making, and she now focuses on teaching and learning aspects of accounting education and academic integrity 

If you are interested in working with the AUASB as an Academic Scholar please contact Anne Waters. 

AUASB Call for Research

The AUASB is interested in relevant research on the following topics relevant to our Corporate Plan and Work Plan, as well as other emerging issues:

For further details or other queries, please contact us via our AUASB Enquiries email

The AUASB and AUASB scholars periodically prepare papers on topics of current interest. Additionally, our research often give rise to other AUASB publications, such as the following series of Research Reports:

No.  Title Issue Date
5 AUASB Research Report 5: COVID-19 Snapshot of Auditor Reporting in Australia Dec
4 AUASB Research Report 4: The Provision of Non-Audit Services by Audit firms in Australia Dec 2019

AUASB Research Report 3: Audit Market Structure and Competition in Australia: 2012 – 2018, authored by Professor Elizabeth Carson

Oct 2019
2 Audit Quality in Australia: The Perspectives of Professional Investors Apr 2019
1 Audit Quality in Australia: The Perspective of Audit Committee Chairs Sep 2018
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