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Negative confirmation request to Non-sampling risk



Negative confirmation request a request that the confirming party respond directly to the auditor only if the confirming party disagrees with the information provided in the request.
Network a larger structure:

(i) That is aimed at cooperation, and

(ii) That is clearly aimed at profit or cost-sharing or shares common ownership, control or management, common quality control policies and procedures, common business strategy, the use of a common brand name, or a significant part of professional resources.
Network firm a firm or entity that belongs to a network.
Non-compliance acts of omission or commission, intentional or unintentional, committed by the entity, or by those charged with governance, by management or by other individuals working for or under the direction of the entity, which are contrary to the prevailing laws or regulations. Non-compliance does not include personal misconduct unrelated to the business activities of the entity. 
Non-compliance (in the context of ASAE 3100)  for both attestation and direct engagements on compliance, a failure to meet a compliance requirement in whole or in part.
Non IFRS financial information  financial information that is presented other than in accordance with all relevant accounting standards.
Non public document  a document in relation to a fundraising or a document containing prospective financial information, which is not a public document. It is not prepared in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001.
Non-response a failure of the confirming party to respond, or fully respond, to a positive confirmation request, or a confirmation request returned undelivered.
Non-sampling risk the risk that the auditor reaches an erroneous conclusion for any reason not related to sampling risk.