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Information Publication Scheme

The Information Publication Scheme (IPS) aims to transform the freedom of information framework from one that responds to individual requests for access to documents to one that requires Australian Government agencies to take a proactive approach to publishing information. The scheme commences on 1 May 2011.
The IPS:

  • requires Australian Government agencies to publish information publication plans;
  • specifies categories of information that must be published; and
  • provides a means for agencies to proactively publish other government information.

Further information on the IPS is available from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) website.

Agency plan

Who we are and what we do

Our reports and responses to Parliament

AUASB publishes reports required by Government under Government Compliance Reports. These include

Annual Reports

File List (to consist of a list of board papers on the website)

Contracts ($100,000 or more)

AUASB submissions

Information on AUASB submissions to Parliamentary Committees is provided through Treasury and is available on the Parliament website (

Requested information

To date, AUASB has not been routinely requested for particular information. AUASB publishes information accessed under the FOI Act in a disclosure log (subject to any exceptions under section 11C of the FOI Act).

Contact us

To access AUASB information or documents under the FOI Act please contact the FOI Contact Officer or phone on 03 8080 7400.

Our priorities

These are detailed in our AUASB Strategy and Corporate Plan and Annual Regulatory Plan.

Our Communications

These are available on our Media Release page.

Our Workplace Plans and Policies

These guidelines relate to employment conditions and managing staff; Work Diversity Program and Prevention of Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace.

Our finances

AUASB procurement, tendering and contracts arrangements are consistent with Commonwealth guidelines published on the Department of Finance and Deregulation website.

AUASB Legal Expenditure

AUASB Grants

Pay Structure


Are available from the publications section of our website.


If you need assistance because the document or information on this website is not available in a format you can access, please contact us for an alternative accessible format. Further information on accessibility.


We invite you to provide comments on our Information Publication Scheme entry, particularly in relation to any documents that appear not to be discoverable, understandable or machine-readable. See our web feedback page for information on contacting us.