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AUASB Scholar Role

Role description

The Australian Auditing and Assurance Standard Board (AUASB) has an evidence-informed approach to setting standards as a key enabler of its strategy. Our evidence informed standard setting strategy is supported by the appointment of academic scholars who are highly experienced and respected auditing and assurance academics. As an AUASB academic scholar you will work with the AUASB and its technical team on mutually agreed research topics. The academic scholar role is a 6-month part time honorary role, with reasonable expenses covered or reimbursed by the AUASB. The number of AUASB scholars is limited to 2 in each year. Refer to AUASB Research Centre for current research topics relevant to the AUASB.


The opportunity to:

  • work with one of the world’s leading auditing and assurance standard-setting bodies, whose work contributes to confidence in the Australian economy                                         
  • make an impact as the work you do will provide evidence used by the IAASB and / or the AUASB in its standard setting deliberations, and influence the auditing and assurance framework                                                                                                   
  • provide thought leadership on auditing matters                                                               
  • get published as our connections in the world of peer-reviewed publications and industry bodies will allow you to build and enhance your publishing credits with certain key projects


  • Proven thought leadership and expertise on auditing matters, and                                    
  • Proven research skills

How to submit your expression of interest

Please provide an expression of interest within 2 pages and include:

1. Relevant experience, qualifications and research speciality, demonstrating thought                    leadership and expertise of auditing matters.

2. Synopsis
   • Research proposal and why the research is relevant to the AUASB
   • A brief outline of the research that will be undertaken, including
      - Research aims
      - Proposed research questions
      - Methodology
  • Possible assistance from the AUASB (if required)
  • The relevance of possible conclusion from the research to inform the AUASB’s standard            setting activities and its strategic objectives

Please submit expression of interest no later than 31st October to Should you have any queries, please call Anne Waters on 03 8080 7436 for further information.